Financial Planning

Financial planning is at the foundation of the life planning process we guide our clients through. All our recommendations that help individuals and families to build, preserve and manage wealth start with a plan.

Retirement income planning, education planning, estate planning, and risk management services are some of the components of a larger, more comprehensive financial plan designed to help you pursue your goals. Your plan also provides for your heirs and defines the legacy you choose to leave.

Financial Planning Services Provided Through LPL Financial Include: Fee Based (Hourly and Retainer Fees Offered) and Asset Based.
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Estate Planning

Preserving wealth from one generation to the next can be complex and time-consuming. Guidance from a competent, experienced advisor can go a long way toward helping make sure your financial success is shared with your family, friends and the charitable organizations you designate, according to your wishes.

Estate Planning helps you to develop wealth transfer strategies designed to reduce estate taxes while meeting specific legacy and charitable giving goals. We can help you articulate your estate planning goals and will work closely with your tax and legal advisors to ensure your financial strategy reflects your estate planning needs.
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Investment Strategies

Investment planning is all about structuring your investments to improve your probability of meeting your goals. Your age, financial situation, marital status, risk tolerance, investment time horizon, and other factors help determine an appropriate investment plan.

Investment Strategies Services Include: Current Investment Analysis, Mutual Funds, Brokerage Services (Stocks and Bonds), Managed Accounts (Mutual Fund Wraps, Retail, Institutional), Separate Accounts, Annuities (Variable, Fixed, Equity Indexed, Immediate), and Alternative Investments (REITs, BDC's).
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Pension Planning

If you are lucky enough to work at a company that offers you a pension plan, you will have some very important decisions to make upon your severance or retirement from that company. Pension planning helps you analyze all your options, including lump sum distributions as well all the myriad of monthly annuity options that are usually available.

Pension Planning Services Include: Survivor Options and Lump Sum Distributions.
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Retirement Accounts

Retirees and pre-retirees have unique needs and face certain challenges as investors. It's important to understand how you will structure your retirement income, how long your income will last, and which sources of income you should tap into first to minimize taxes and maximize income potential.

Through comprehensive planning, we can help you prioritize your goals and develop a strategy to manage your retirement assets. Whether you are in the accumulation phase or have already retired, a sound strategy is critical.

Retirement Accounts Services Include: IRA's (ROTH, Traditional IRA), Qualified Retirement Plans (Individual 401(k), Simple IRA, SEP IRA, Corporate 401(k).
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Educational Funding Plans

Planning for future college expenses can feel daunting. Our process includes estimating the future education expenses and determining how much you need to save to meet these expenses. We also want to leverage any tax breaks and loans that are available.

Educational Funding Plans Services Include: Section 529 Plans.
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Insurance Products

Protecting yourself, your loved ones, your home or your business against unexpected events is a fundamental aspect of financial planning. Closing the gap on potential risks can be tricky without a comprehensive plan and process that methodically evaluates all potential risk factors. That's why risk analysis is an integral part of our ongoing process. We continually identify and analyze all risk factors and make objective and unbiased recommendations to provide you with the peace of mind you seek.

Insurance Products Services Include: Life Insurance (Term Life, Universal Life, Variable Universal Life, Indexed Universal Life), Disability Income Protection (Individual, Group, Business Overhead, Disability Buy-Out), Long Term Care, and Corporate Group Benefit Plans.
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    Planning Process
To help you plan effectively we must first look at your present situation. We want to make sure that you: have adequate protection and liquidity; accumulate wealth as dictated by your goals; manage income taxes; plan for retirement; and preserve your wealth.

To do this, we take you through a 6-step process.

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